6 reasons that make a salt lamp my most exciting purchase for home.

So in case someone here doesn't know, my blogs are all about creative things that I either end up discovering or creating. This is the very reason I am going to quickly write about this really under-rated, under-known and this must-have thing that I believe we all must grace our homes with this uber-cool showpiece and super-secret formula to good health.

How baby-friendly is a trip to Europe?

Where to go, where not to go? What to pack, what not to pack? What to do, what notΒ  to do? These were generic questions we asked our friends who had pulled that sort of a travelling stunt earlier. Here I am today imparting that information to other parents who are worried about/ scared of or concerned about their first vacation with the little ones!Β 

10 exciting reasons to visit Louvre Abu Dhabi

While I sipped my coffee this morning deciding how to spend the coming weekend, I stumbled upon an exciting news for people in UAE: The Louvre Abu Dhabi is all set to open its doors to public for the first time on November 11, 2017! So here is a compilation of why the Louvre Abu Dhabi seems promising.

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