3D Art Festival -Dubai 2017- #DubaiCanvas

From 1st to 7th March 2017, Dubai witnessed the third 3D Art Festival known as the ‘DUBAI CANVAS 2017‘, which was held at a very colorful, creative and happening place in Dubai itself: City Walk.

About The Event

Dubai Canvas was planned by Brand Dubai in partnership with Meraas and featured 25 artists who displayed their 3D street art that had been created over last few weeks at the venue. A total of 122 entries were submitted by artists that belonged to 35 countries of the world. Not only the best 25 were featured at the event, but also qualified for Dubai Canvas 3D Art Award, the world’s first award that recognizes excellence in 3D art.

The theme being ‘happiness’, the artworks were to be evaluated upon creativity, technique, composition and command of the medium. Here are a few photos taken by me:

The audience was given a chance to vote for their favorite artwork by visiting the website and uploading their favorite 3D pictures on social media with hashtags #DubaiCanvas , #DubaiCanvasatCityWalk and #BrandDubai before 4th March.


Voting details on the floor

The winners of the competition were as follows:

  • First prize: Tony Cuboliquido
  • Second prize: Danila Shmelev
  • Third Prize: Leon Keer

My Verdict:

I personally had a chance of visiting it on 4th March, a pleasant Saturday evening and given the beautiful weather of Dubai, the fun-filled location and the attracting beauty that the Dubai Canvas added to it, the location was packed with visitors and admirers of art.

However the queues for pictures were very long so I did not get a chance to get pictures taken with all my favorite 3d art there, so we went again 2 days later. That should explain how much I personally loved it!

My favorite personal favorite was the Hot air balloon. Here are a few I got a picture taken with:

Other Attractions at the venue:

Other than the 3D artworks displayed at the venue, there were also other activities to engage into while you are there. And when you are tired of all the fun you’ve had there, you could enjoy snacks and desserts from the restaurants or international kiosks at the City Walk. I chose to try some Turkish ice-cream and roasted chest-nuts. Yum!

Also have a look at the other elements of art present at the venue. Isn’t this an art-enthusiasts paradise truly?

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