Dubai Sky Carnival 2017

Summer has finally hit Dubai, and whats a better to celebrate than hitting the beach? And while there was already Dubai Food Festival taking place around the same area as the Dubai International Kite Festival, the Etisalat Beach Canteen brought the two of these events together! And guess what else joined in? Sikka Art Fair.

Summer, Kite flying, exploring international cuisines and indulging in colorful activities surrounded by art… could it be any better? Lets have a look at all that happened at the Jumeirah Beach this weekend.

⇒Location: Jumierah Beach, Behind Sunset Mall
⇒Dates: 10th and 11th March 2017.

Dubai International Kite Festival (#DIKF) – A sky full of kites

At the Dubai Sky Carnival 2017, it was treat to watch the biggest possible kites, most of which had the UAE flag design on them. The kites were all sizes, colors and types! Rather than going into the details of those, lets have a look at the dominant ones below:

And since it was pretty sunny, various beverage brands came to the rescue. Among these Vitaene Extra, Lipton Iced Tea and Exotica were very generous with the free sampling. My personal favorite was the pomegranate flavor from exotica! There was also a Chuck E Cheese’s painting setup for the kids in the same area.


To get to the kite festival, audience and participants had to pass through the Etisalat Beach canteen that had various local and international food brands to choose food and beverages from.

SIKKA ART FAIR at the sky carnival

Sikka Art Festival is basically taking place all across UAE in the month of March and April 2017 and the sky carnival was one of those. It provides UAE-based artists a chance to showcase their work and promote the culture of UAE. It not only included display of some amazing artworks but also included musical performances, painting activities and fun activities for the families.
MONT8 had the biggest stall there and needless to say, it really had passers by stop to have a look at their beautiful work. Have a look at it yourself:

All in all, there was too much happening at one place this weekend and its surely one of the best family carnivals Dubai has organised. Its for for all age groups and anyo
ne who has love for either of beach, music, art, sky or food. There’s still a chance to go and see for yourself. Its also up and running on 11th of March 2017.IMG_1440.JPG




*All pictures taken by the author

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