Color Psychology Workshop – By Gracious F at D3.

Today’s blog is going to review one of those workshop I attended that not only help you understand an aspect of art but also help you discover yourself.

About The Workshop17361529_10154954352561427_7867471973752536770_n

The Color Pschology Workshop was conducted by the expert Color Consultant Fatima Al Shirawi during the Dubai Design Week 2016 (Held from 24th to 29th October’16) at the Dubai Design District.

As the name clearly suggests, the Color Psychology Workshop was all about understanding colors and their impact on our minds. Therefore the topic of discussion being: Use The Right Color to Balance Your Life!  

About the Gracious F

Fatima Al Shirawi, also known as the Gracious F, is a certified colour consultant from the Colour Affects Institute. Given her education in Siocology and Marketing, she is now on a journey to imparting her knowledge on Color Psychology through workshops in UAE.

The Gracious F is a wellness company dedicated to assisting people find their true self through colour consulting, styling and feng shui.

Get to know her on her Facebook page or the Website for more details.

Workshops at D3

Dubai Design District is a hub destination for Design, Fasion, Architecture, Art and Luxury. Located Near to Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Mall and Bur Dubai, d3 enjoys a great location and the Burj view.

The place keeps holding various events, among which Dubai Design Week, discover D3 meet d3 have been the most successful ones. It is now holding another great event known as Design Day Dubai 2017 that is bringing together leading design galleries from around the world, seminars, workshops and guided tours. 12019865_897129983698553_4510423557151285291_n

The Gracious F is conducting another workshop known as “Discover the World of color”at d3 during the Art Week at d3 which is part of the Design Days Dubai held between 14th to 17th March 2017. The workshops are complimentary for the visitors of events but prior reservations have to be made on their facebook page.

My verdict on the Workshop

Considering that the Color Psychology workshop by the Gracious F that I attended was an Introductory workshop, I’d say I’m glad I had chance to attend that. It not only helped me develop a deeper understanding of colors but also connected me to myself and helped me discover ways of incorporating colors in my life.


Following is a list of what the workshop was all about:

  • Understanding the psycological properties of various colors
  • Combining colors and their properties
  • 4 color families: Star light, Morning light, Dream light and Fire light
  • personalities with the color families
  • Use of colors in personal and professional life.


I am not going to go much into the details of the workshop, I’d rather encourage anyone with slightest interest in colors and psychology to find out when the next workshop is happening and do grab the opportunity of attending it.


*All photographs taken by the author
Logos extracted from Facebook pages of D3.

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