Dubai Art Season – Color your Calendars – March to May 2017.

Wondering which event to go to this March, April and May? Here’s a variety to choose from! This article provides a list of various art exhibitions, workshops, shows, talks and markets happening all around UAE.

My facebook newsfeed would suggest me new events happening around me everyday. On top of that I decided to click on the ‘events‘ tab in the Facebook menu. And there were so many events I just kept clicking ‘interested’ on, before I came to realizing that most of the dates of those events were clashing! and they were anyway too many for me be able to be present at in that short span on time. Unless I had a time-turner. (That was a Harry Potter joke)

Anyway, So I decided to make a list of all these events I wanted to go to. But as selfless as I am, I decided to share it on my blog for benefit of others in Dubai who are on a watch out for  creative, artsy, colorful events happening all around. So I added a few more events that are not directly of my interest, but may be of yours!

Most of these events are brought to you by 3 main hosts:

So here’s a complete list, click on the names to visit their Facebook event pages if you think you are interested. Saving you so much effort, aren’t I ? 🙂

Large-Scale Events

  1. Design Days Dubai
    March 14-17
    Location: Dubai Design District
    About: 6th Edition of one of the greatest annual cultural events in Dubai. Design Days Dubai is the first and only fair in the region dedicated to collectible design and this year presents its strongest exhibitor line-up to date with 50 world-leading galleries and design studios and over 500 purchasable design works.
    March 11-21
    Location: Bur Dubai
    About: SIKKA Art Fair is the first annual initiative of its kind created to support and showcase Emirati, UAE and GCC-based artists in the heart of Old Dubai. The popular annual art fair is an initiative by Dubai Culture & Arts Authority, the Emirate’s dedicated authority for culture, arts and heritage, and is also one of the flagship events of Dubai Art Season
  3. Art Week at Alsarkel venue
    March 10-18
    Location: Alsarkel Avenue, Al qouz.
    About:  Ten days of exhibitions, commissions, films, talks, workshops and special events in conjunction with Dubai Art Week.
  4. Middle East Film and Comic Con
     April 6- 8
    Location: Dubai World Trade Centre
    About:  The Middle East Film and Comic Con (MEFCC), is the region’s biggest pop culture convention attracting over 60,000 fans last year. It features everything from film, TV, science fiction, animation, manga, comics and collectibles. Budding artists and film makers can make the most of the many workshops on offer, learning directly from industry professionals related to animation, game development, acting, voice acting, VFX make-up, storyboarding and scriptwriting.
  5. World Art Dubai
     April 12 – 15
    Location: Dubai World Trade Centre
    About:  World Art Dubai welcomes thousands of passionate art lovers, buyers and collectors from around the world.With more than 3,000 works of affordable art including paintings, prints, sculptures, and photography, World Art Dubai is the perfect opportunity to take home original art, or add to an existing collection.

Exhibitions and Shows

  1. Global Art Forum: Samsara Film Screening
     March 17
    Location: Madinat Jumeirah
    About:  Cinema Akil presents SAMSARA, Ron Fricke’s mesmerizing follow-up to his acclaimed 1992 film Baraka as part of the eleventh edition of the Global Art Forum, Trading Places.
  2. ING Creative Festival
     April 13
    Location: AlSerkal Avenue, AL Qouz
    About:  ING Creatives takes over Alserkal Avenue for a creative market, and it’s more creative than ever! Entry to the market is free and open to all, so pencil this one in your diary to see the talented 50+ artists that flew in from across 5 continents and from as far as the Dominican Republic… Phew!

Workshops and Talks

  1. Dubai Modern Symposuim
     March 13, 17 and 18.
    Location: Madinat Jumeirah
    About:  Art Dubai introduces the inaugural Art Dubai Modern Symposium–a series of talks and presentations focused on the life, work and cultural impact of 20th century masters from the Middle East, South Asia and Africa.
  2. Eye Painting Workshop
     March 22
    Location: Souk Art Center
    About:  His voice is heard through the work of his hands.
    Learn to:
    1)Illustrate the eye through charcoal sketching and oil painting
    2) Communicate through American Sign Language
  3. Self Reflection, Self Expression, Self Charcoal Portrait 
     March 18
    Location: Souk Art Center
    About:  This workshop intends to guide you in deep connection within as you reflect on yourself not only through the mirror but also through your heart. You will be technically guided how to use charcoal but also will have the freedom to enjoy the whole experience however way your creativity flows.
  4. Pottery for Beginners
    March 24
    Location: Yadawei Studio, Al qouz
    This is a two day intensive workshop. The aim of the workshop is to introduce you to the main techniques of working with clay. You will work with different clays and learn 4 techniques: coils, pinch, slab and wheel throwing.

  5. Blind Folded Painting
     April 12
    Location: Souk Art Center
    About:  Blind Folded Painting helps to let go off emotions through left handed, blindfolded, and experimental painting to music. By immersing yourself into an abstract painterly process you begin to create something from within you.
  6. Introduction to Art Market
     May 8
    Location: Dubai Design District
    About:  On this course, you’ll discuss and assess the value of art with dealers, curators and artists through visits to galleries and access to corporate and public collections and consultancies. It’s an exciting opportunity for theoretical investigation, as well as getting plenty of practical advice on collecting contemporary art.
  7. Textile Design Technique
     May 12 and 13.
    Location: Dubai Design District
    About: Learn about the principles of textile design techniques. Through a series of presentations and short practical exercises you will learn about the properties and construction of fabrics, and explore a range of design production techniques.
  8. Watercolors floral workshop
     April 15.
    Location: Pretty Paper Studio, Deira.
    About: Want to learn the art of creating beautiful watercolor florals? Join us for a fun-filled session of color, food, and laughter. This workshop is taught by Zakkiya Hamza of Inkstruck Studio.

Art Markets

  1. Arte, the Makers market at Mercato Mall
     March 17
    Location: Mercato Mall, Dubai
    About: Find 30 contemporary and highly original designers on the first floor of Mercato Mall along Jumeirah Beach Road in Jumeirah 1. The ARTE markets are perfect for all of your unique and gorgeous Handmade in the UAE gifts.
  2. Arte, the Makers market at Al Hamra Mall
     March 17
    Location: Al Hamra Mall, Ras al Khaimah
    About: The boutique market sees contemporary and highly original makers and designers, with items as diverse as fine and casual jewellery, the best in visual arts from photography to watercolours to oils, clothing by local designers, gourmet foods, toys, sculpture, fine functional pottery, woodwork, stained glass, accessories and more.

Art for kids

  1. Mini Me ARKI and ID workshop
     April 29
    Location: Warwick Dubai
    About: This workshop caters to kids from 10 to 16 years old who are developing the interest in Architecture, Interior Design, and Art. The workshop is designed for kids who want to learn about DESIGN.
  2. Mother’s day painting workshop (teens and adults)
     March 21
    Location: Souk Art Center
    About:  Join Soul’s Me & My Mom painting workshop to give the opportunity to celebrate Mother’s Day through Art.
    We will paint together step by step , pre sketched canvas where Me & My Mom have a master piece together.

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