SINDBAD – Kids’ oldest favorite place, with a new jungle face!

If you are a mom in Karachi who is on a look out for a new, creative and fun-filled place for your little one, look no more!! Head back to the Sindbad at Dolmen Mall Tariq Road to find a totally revamped Jungle themed kids heaven!

So before I begin reviewing this newly renovated play place for kids, let me begin by clarifying that:

  1. My kid and I mostly live in Dubai but going back to Karachi quite frequently I can’t help but feel the lack of entertainment for my kids. And if I do manage to find a place, its either not well maintained or lacks the element of fun!
  2. This is my first motherhood blog on my website, because thanks to Sindbad I have so much to share with more people like myself!

This time around Sindbad has gained itself a happy customer! In fact two of us. My baby and I. Let me tell you why.

This Mother’s Day, Sindbad, on launch of the new Spinzone with spin bumper cars, sent out an invite to blogger and celebrity moms to come enjoy a day at Sindbad located at Dolmen Mall Tariq Road.

The entire place has been revamped with a brand new jungle theme! This includes lots of jungle swings, Dead man’s cove and Spin zone with spin bumber cars as the new attraction.

The part that suited me the best was the soft play area for kids under 5 years. I am impressed by the creative, sensory installments there that engaged kids for hours. The place was super neat and looked after by the management that ensured the kids would not enter or exit unaccompanied.

The management of the Mother’s day event did a great job at attending the invitee, giving away a loaded goodie bag for moms and kids and ending it on a fun note by holding a Spin zone bumber cars competition with mommy and baby forming a team to beat others in the fun play.

Even though my blog consists of more pictures from the soft play area (since it suited my kids age), you can check out more pictures on the Sindbad Wonderland Website.

Thank you Sindbad, Dolmen mall, for fun-filled evening!

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