Summer guide to Dubai Parks and Resorts – Best deals, timings, rides and shows.

Did you know Dubai Parks and resorts have summer packages starting from as low as AED 85? Yes, you read it right and No, its not because its too hot to enjoy the place. All you need is to plan it well enough to beat the heat! So here are a few tips I compiled through my pre-visit research and post-visit analysis!

Dubai Parks and Resorts 

Dubai Parks and Resorts have to one of the biggest theme park in the world. Located in Jebel Ali, UAE, this tourist attraction and getaway location consists of a variety of theme park zones to choose from:

  1. Motiongate Dubai


    This one includes a magical setup for three of the most successful motion picture studios in Hollywood i.e. DreamWorks Animation, Columbia pictures and Lionsgate. It also includes a separate smurf’s village.
    Dreamworks is an indoor theme park that includes rides, games and setup of Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and How To Train Your Dragon.
    Columbia pictures theme-park is outdoor and includes rides and games for adults, based on more than 15 of their most famous movies.
    Lionsgate is yet to be opened, but will include outdoor rides and games as well, all based on movies by lionsgate production.
    Smurf’s village as the name suggest is a small smurf’s town with smurf cafe, rides, sets, characters and much more for smurf’s fans!

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  2. Legoland


    Legoland consists of over 40 lego-themed rides, shows and building experiences for kids and adults who enjoy lego. Its best for kids aged between 2-12 and also consits of an extension known as Legoland Waterpark.
    The ticket to the waterpark is not included in the Legoland ticket, and has to be purchased separately.

  3. Bollywood park

    Bollywood theme-park as the name tells is all about bollywood movies. It includes theatre shows, dance perfomances, rides, posters and an Indian street ambiance to explore.

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The other attractions located within include:

  1. Riverland


    Not a lot of people know that Riverland is a free area to enter. It includes lots of beautiful fun, dining and retail destinations on location. Its one of the most beautiful places in Dubai to have a walk through.

  2. Lapita Dubai

    This is a great facility for tourists, as well as UAE residents looking for getaway destinations. Lapita Dubai are resorts situated in the locality to accommodate guests for their stay at Dubai Parks and resorts.

summer Deals

This ramadan and Eid, Dubai parks and resorts have introduced a great deal with free general parking and extended operating hours. The deals are valid this 31st August 2017 and include the following to choose from:

  1. 1 Day 2 theme-parks: AED 195
  2. Bollywood parks: AED 85
  3. Motiongate Dubai: AED 145
  4. Legoland: AED 145
  5. Legoland waterpark: AED 145

Amazing prices already but here’s how to save more:

  • 15% discount on purchasing your ticket online
  • If you have ‘entertainer’, you can avail ‘buy 1, get one 1 free’ on any deals that cost above or equal to AED 195.
  • AED 85 extra for all you can eat upgrade inside all of the parks, but its optional.

How Much Time Would You Need?

I think one’s safest bet is to purchase a 1 day, 2 parks ticket and try to manage time accordingly. Give more time to you first priority and have a goal set to be able to get free for another park.

During Eid the timings were extended up to midnight, but generally they close at 10 pm, except legoland and legoland waterpark that close at 9pm and 7pm respectively.

The timings in Summer have been extended however its not a good idea to be there since the afternoon with kids who may be sensitive to the sun. Your safest bet would be to pick and choose your favorite rides and get done with those first. If you have more time remaining, go ahead with the ones you missed.

In my opinion 3-4 hours in motiongate, 2-3 hours in bollywood and 3-4 hours in legoland would be enough to explore the entire place.

which one to choose?

This totally depends on your interests. for kids aged between 2-12 its best to head to Legoland, if you are in a waterpark mood its best to get just the waterparks tickets, and for animated movie fans like myself, there’s nothing better than motiongate. Same goes for bollywood fans.


how to Beat the Heat?

Its best to only explore indoors before the sun sets and only head for outdoor areas once its night time. Of all the parks, its dreamworks in Motiongate that has the largest indoor area to explore. Only the rides in bollywood parks are indoor. Waterpark is another good option for spending time in the day.


My Review

we spent a total of 6 hours at Dubai Parks and Resorts, from 6pm to almost midnight. Getting the  tickets took 10-15 minutes and since we used Entertainer vouchers, we had to head directly to Guest reservations located behind  the ticket bar at Motiongate.

Since our child is too young to enjoy any of these, we as a couple chose Motiongate and Bollywood parks. Motiongate because we mutually love animated movies, Bollywood Parks because being desis we grew up watching Bollywood movies so we were familiar with that.


That’s us with team Madagascar

We headed directly to motiongate since it was our first priority and spent good 3 hours there, and covered 1 ride of shrek, smurfs, a few games at the madagascar circus and met some madagascar character puppets.


Dinner at BBQ Delights

We were too tired of walking and all the fun we had in those 3 hours so on our way to Bollywood parks, we stopped by for food near Riverland. We had dinner at Bar-be-que Delights, that took us an hour too.



Around 10pm we headed to Bollywood Parks and got a chance of watching 1 Dabangg theatre show, 1 dance perfomance, and enjoy 2 rides in 2 hours.

Maybe we will go there again to fully discover Riverland. All in all, Dubai Parks and Resorts make up one of the best tourist and getaway destinations for people of all ages!

I hope you like the review, please subscribe for more. All pictures are taken by the author.

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