Dubai becomes the first city to own a Font. Discover and download here!

Dubai is home to the many largests, tallests and fastests in the world already. Adding to the achievements is now the world’s ‘FIRST‘ font owned by a city. The Dubai Font. Created in order to support the art of expression.

Yes you read it right. Dubai now has its own font that is not limited to Dubai, therefore the brand campaign of the font says ‘From Dubai to the world’.


Launched in April 2017, the font is a project commissioned by the crown prince Sheikh Hamdan and launched by Microsoft and the executive council of Dubai. It is free to all the users around the world, with a reach of approximately 85 million people in 160 countries, and can be downloaded from their official website.

While you may look at it as just a font, there seems to be a lot of thought put into creating one. The idea behind the font is said to be  to ‘fill a design gap 7between Arabic and Latin texts and presents harmonious typefaces combining the two scripts seamlessly.’


The typeface comes in both Arabic and Latin and will be available in a total of 23 languages.


It is also the offical font of governement bodies in UAE now.


The Hashtag #ExpressYou has been created in order to let residents share their ideas  and opinions on social media. On social media websites such as Twitter and Instagram, the font account can be found at @Dubaifonts.

If you have seen alphabets of Arabic and English around the city, you must know that these alphabets are part of the marketing campaign of the font.

Download the font on their website: .

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