6 reasons that make a salt lamp my most exciting purchase for home.

One fine day I randomly stumbled upon an article that talked about a thing called salt lamps. Just like you just stumbled upon this blog. So I went around asking my family and friends if they know what a salt lamp is? MOST people I asked (and trust me I asked many) did not know!

So in case someone here doesn’t know, my blogs are all about creative things that I either end up discovering or creating. This is the very reason I am going to quickly write about this really under-rated, under-known and this must-have thing that I believe we all must grace our homes with this uber-cool showpiece and super-secret formula to good health.

Read on to know why every household must have one, where to get it from and how it works. Also talking about the brand I purchased mine from towards the end of the blog! (In case I end up convincing you to buy one for yourself too – haha)


As the name tells already, its a lamp made out of salt. Himalayan salt to be specific. Its a source of nature that we all can store at home, keep on our desks, in our bedrooms and wherever we think that nature doesn’t reach easily.

After having read so much on the ‘science’ of salt lamps, I am going to cut down on the geeky bit and just say that salt lamps basically purifies the air around naturally using the purifying properties of the Himalayan salt. (For elaborated sciency bit, there is always Google)


  1. Cleanses the air
    So why do we want to cleanse something as basic as air? Because the same air that we breathe contains a lot of impurities such as dust, smoke and allergies.
  2. Reduces Asthma and eases coughing
    Like I mentioned above, salt lamps help get rid of allergies. People who suffer from asthma are said to notice major changes within weeks of using salt lamps because it helps fight dust, molds, mildews and anything that causes breathing issues.
  3. Neutralises eletromagnetic radiations
    Yep, who knew there is a thing that fights all those radiations that flow into our homes, thanks to television, mobiles, laptops etc. (Something I could really tell my mom when she tells me to stop using my mobile all that much now. hah!)
  4. Improves mood, anxiety and energy level.
    This I believe is a major reason why families must have a salt lamp as the positivity spreading device at home. The negative ions emitted by the lamps help our bodies with better blood circulation, providing a boost of serotonin – the neurotransmitter which makes us (literally) feel happy.
  5. Better Sleep
    So if you happen to be an insomniac, or just not a good sleeper, you need a Himalayan lamp because it helps oxygen reach your brain faster and therefore easing it up to be able to sleep better.
  6. Environmental Friendly source of light
    You just don’t place it somewhere at home, you basically light it up. Most of these lamps use low-energy bulb, work with USB power generation and have sustainable wood called ‘neem’ as the base. That way you are lighting up a thing that causes minimum damage to the environment and the electricity bill!


himalayan-salt.jpg.696x0_q80_crop-smartHimalayan salt is mostly mined at the Khewra Salt Mine in Khewra, Jhelum District, Punjab, which is situated in the foothills of the Salt Range hill system in the Punjab province the Pakistan. 

(This is the very reason that I got my Salt Lamp from Pakistan itself. Proud Pakistani alert. Also, mentioning the brand at the end of the blog)

What does a salt lamp look like?

These lamps come in many shapes and sizes. Even a smaller one goes on for years (approximately 1-3 years)

Here are a few shapes they could be found in:s-l1000


So on my recent trip to Pakistan, I decided to look for salt lamps. It was sad that very few people knew about these even in a country that these lamps originated from and are now selling all around the world. After having done my research I realised there is a variety of these available in the market known as ‘Saddar’ but most of those were raw in terms of shape and I needed something small and pretty for my home back in Dubai.

So I came across this small business called ‘Healiv’ that deals with natural products for mind and body. Most of their products are all made of the multi-benefits Himalayan Salt. So I quickly headed to their Facebook Page and ordered 2 pyramid-shaped Salt lamps (That they delivered to me within 3 days) that work with a USB wire so I can keep it attached to my laptop or even mobile charger with a USB-port. I have decided to decorate this on a centre-table in my living room and can not wait for it to add light, beauty and all health benefits to my little home. ❤

Also, I came accross this image and pro-tip on their page that I’d like to share with you all in case you are wondering if these lamps are high-maintenance or how they work basically.



On that note, here’s to wishing all my followers a happy and healthy life. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram and my blog to find out about more creative things that I stumble upon, hoard or create on my own.

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