Let’s be outdoors, before its time to be indoors Dubai. – “Outdoors” by City Centre

While the weather in Dubai has been tricking us all in believing that its finally summer, but a bit of winter, but too much for summer already and hey winter again.. Let’s just call it spring for now.


Spring, the time of of the year when there is so much happening outdoors! Food festivals, beach canteens, carnivals, outdoor cinemas and what not. So we as a couple (and I’m assuming every other couple, because where are all those humans suddenly coming out from?) make sure we get out and get going before the real sun hits Dubai.

Snapchat-1225397457-01.jpegThis weekend we just wondering where to go when we stumbled upon this really fun Food Yard put together by City Centre Mirdif and City Centre Maisem. So we decided to head straight to one of those because it looked so beautiful in the pictures. (Real reason: We also had to get grocery done for Carrefour inside the mall – because adult life!)

What does ‘Outdoors’ have to offer?

From the outside, the food yard at Mirdif City Centre looked pretty small for our expectations of a food yard but honestly once we were in it, there was SO much do see, so much to eat, so much do to! (And less walking – yay!)

Here’s a list of stuff that we enjoyed:

  1. The Weather: Something as free and gorgeous as this has to top the list. The best time to get there is around the late afternoon so get to see it in the daylight because that had such fun vibes on its own, and later you get to enjoy the calmness of the night under the beautiful lights and watch a movie at the outdoor cinema.
  2. Food: What’s a food yard without food? There were a lot of food brands over there with their trucks and kiosks. Shake Shack, Paul, The Butcher’s grill etc.
    I personally wasn’t much in the mood of experimenting (I have those days but this wasn’t it) so i settled for my comfort food from Shake Shack.


  3. Outdoor cinema by Vox: The little human with us (who calls me mama) enjoyed this the most with his bucket full of pop-corns. They had a disney night so the movie that played was everyone’s favorite ‘Beauty and the Beast’.20180223_182124-01.jpeg
  4. Outdoor Competitions and games: This was what made it all double fun. They had the famous RJ Kris Fade conducts such fun games and competitions for children as as adults and the prizes included rides and coupons sponsored by Magic Planet. This was a real crowd puller!
  5. Games by Magic Planet: Like the outdoor games weren’t enough, Magic Planet also had this mini rides setup on the side where the little ones could drag their parents for some more fun!

That’s all I am going to tell you about this super fun thing happening at Outdoors by City Centre Dubai, going to leave some of it for you to go and explore. We ended up spending literally 4 hours there and the time just flew by! (Until we remembered we had shopping to do so we dragged ourselves inside the mall.)

Event Details

  • Locations: City Centre Mirdif and City Centre Meisem
  • Dates: Feb 22 – March 10 2018.
  • Type: Family event. (Don’t forget the kids. They will love it)


For more updates of such fun and creative events (also lots of art, food, places and other creative things) follow me on Facebook and Instagram. <@maharat.m>


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