Art found me.

“How do you manage art after you had a baby? How do you manage anything extra at all?”

That question was once the FAQ of life. And to be very honest, I have asked that question to myself too at some point in time. Except that “how do you” was replaced with “why do you” when I asked myself.

So here’s a little story. First came motherhood, then came art, then came a million thoughts so came following a blog. A few months into motherhood and I found myself like never before, only because I was beginning to lose myself in the process of raising a little human. They said “everytime the baby sleeps, you sleep”. But my mind was not quite keeping up on that advice. Everytime my baby slept, I was way too excited about being all on my own and being my own baby. Out went the baby pampers and in came self-pampering for a few hours every afternoon.

Every new day had me wondering of all the possible things I could do in my me time. Watching shows, gazing at cars pass by, talking to friends for hour, swallowing food slowly and sipping my coffee even slower was surely fun, but was clearly not the best I could do with my limited free time right?

So I started painting. I always loved art. And going to an art school was also in the plan before life happened. I graduated from a business school, got married, shifted to Dubai and got blessed with he who i call my Sonshine. And like people told me, I thought that meant a really long break from everything else. And I don’t blame them. It was because I was told that life pauses here that I chose I want to make my life move faster than it did. Gotta admit, always been a rebel. So just when I decided to paint again, I got to know about this 4 day-event called “World Art Dubai” happening in Dubai, where a lot of artists from around the world were coming together to exhibit and sell their artwork. What a perfect time to get some inspiration, I thought.

So World Art Dubai 2016 was my first art exhibition that I attended with my 3 months old baby clinging onto me likea sloth, there were ofcourse a few tantrums here and there (because of which he also lost one of his socks, as you can see in the picture below) but I was happier than I had honestly felt in the past few days. Met a few artists, collected a lot of ideas and inspirations, gazed endlessly at a lot of artworks when my husband jumped in to pacify my son while I enjoy being surrounded by my passion.

Motherhood is beautiful to say the least. And it never held me back. It has given me a chance to connect to myself like never before. It has taught me to value my me-time. It has taught me the art of balancing, co-existing, self-care and finding answers to a lot of questions.

Most of us mothers have been in a situation where you feel stuck. But trust me, it’s not your child who is holding you back, it’s the lesser known thing that comes along with motherhood: Post-partum depression. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to be afraid of. It may go away on its own, may linger on for longer or like in my case, demand finding a way out. And in my case I realised it was art.

2 years down the lane, World Art Dubai is happening again this week in Dubai. (18th to 21st April 2018)

This year I will be visiting the event as a blogger, And hopefully next year as an artist. In between I have attended numerous art exhibitions, had a few of my own, sold a lot of artworks and attended a lot of art talks.

So I urge all the new mothers to dig deeper into their desires, explore their abilities, find their passion.. Motherhood is the last thing that could ever hold a woman back, it comes to us in the most natural form and holds the power to make us stronger, only if we will.

So as it may appear that I found art, the reality is that art found me.

My artwork is up on my page: (selling in UAE and Pak)

My quest to follow art is best displayed on handle:

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