#StubSugar – Creative health campaign by Aster.

So yesterday I received the most unusual package in my mail. It was a box of cigarettes, sent to me by the very well-known Aster Clinics in UAE. And I thought to myself, why would I be sent cigarettes? More importantly, why would Aster send it to me?

IMG_20180418_170650_562-01.jpegSo on further digging into the package, I realized that what appeared to be cigarettes were in fact sugar sticks. This is what each of them had printed on them:

“Sugar is the new tobacco, cut down on both. #StubSugar”

And I have to admit, this is one of the most creative health campaigns I have ever come across! I mean we all know how cigarettes are dangerous, but how many of us actually think about how sugar can ever be equally damaging to our health? I honestly don’t. And I must admit, sugar is not only addictive but also something that I consume multiple times a day!

What’s in it for you?

So Aster Clinic does not only want you to stop and think, they are also offering everyone across UAE a free diabetes check-up! To avail that service, all you have to do is send SMS ‘STUBSUGAR’ to 7004!

Brilliant isn’t it? Speaking of myself, because I am such a sweet tooth, it has occurred to me to get my diabetes test done multiple times but I never really got serious about it. But now that they’ve made it so convenient, I will! I must!

More about the campaign

20180418_171001-01 (1).jpegExcessive use of sugar not only causes diabetes but multiple other diseases including obesity. But the ill-effects of sugar have not been highlighted and tend to be minimized. according to World Health Organisation, an estimate of 3.8 million deaths have been reported due to diabetes, high blood glucose and other sugar-related conditions.

This is why Aster Clinic has utilized this simple yet very creative visual device to promote a healthier lifestyle. These sachets are replacing the regular ones across all popular coffee shots in Dubai to make us all rethink the amount of sugar we want to consume from now on!


Let’s all put an end to this toxic habit, one sachet at a time! ❤ 


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