Sun, Sea and Salts – Learning to paint with salt from The Jamjar Dubai

What’s better than a weekend? A weekend spent painting. This Saturday at Dubai Design District was a day full of fun and learning to bring colors, nature and food (actually just salt) together. Yep, who knew salt could be an ingredient to paint!



The Jamjar Dubai, which is clearly one of the coolest community art space in Dubai joined hands with Dubai Design District (D3) to bring together a series of super creative works

hops for art enthusiasts this summer. Whether you’re an artist or just an art admiring individual or parents to kids who love arts, you must look into the many workshops they have to offer this July and August!

Gonna post links to their workshops in the end. For now, let me show you how cool this particular workshop called ‘Sun, Sea and Sands’ was!


This particular workshop was held on 14th July 2018, Saturday afternoon, and brought together around 20 individuals from various fields of life to learn the art of making waves on a canvas, with salt as the hero product! Snapchat-2013834077-01.jpeg

All the material was provided by The Jamjar and that included:

  • A square canvas
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Watercolors
  • Brushes
  • Salt
  • Glue

While we all began priming our canvas with a bright sunny yellow paint, the end result was unique for all. We were made to choose the colors we love and paint waves the way we see them in our heads.


Even though learning to paint requires a a happy space, a live tutorial and a great instructor, I’m still going to list down the steps involved in the procedure in case someone wants to know all the effort that goes into creating a piece of art:

  1. Prime the canvas with a bright yellow
  2. Make waves using the paints you’ve chosen (Dark shades to medium shades to light shades) by roughly dotting around the cavas
  3. Use a bigger brush or a sponge-brush to blend it all in
  4. Sprinkle Salt over the waves you want to enhance/emboss
  5. Dust the excess salt off
  6. Dip the brush into water+watercolors and lightly dab them over the salt to see them diffuse.

This is how the end result looks.

Pretty cool and fun, isn’t it? Really grateful to the JamJar and D3 for providing space and workshops for art enthusiasts to learn so much from, I am definitely looking forward to more of these this summer!


Here’s a list of all of their upcoming summer workshops guys, please visit their website for more information or just get in touch with them on the contact information provided in the end.

  • Musical Canvas | Cihldren workshop – July 3rd to Aug 28
  • Abstract Inspirational Painting – July 14 to Aug 4
  • Acrylic Techniques – July 14 to Aug 25

One day workshops include:

  • Fantastic Portraits  – Aug 4
  • Puppy figure drawing – Aug 11
  • Crooked Sculptures – Aug 18
  • Spiritual Art – Aug 18
  • Advanced figure drawing – Aug 25

Get in touch with The Jamjar Dubai

Call: +971 4 3417303



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Artly yours,

Maha Ali.


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