Let’s go Paperless – Designing invitation cards made fun and easy!

Organizing a party can be a tedious job. First comes the planning phase, and then the implementation. By the time you are done planning the date, venue, theme, guest-list and decor, you realize there is so much to be implemented and really wish that at least one of those many tasks would be handled by someone else.

That someone else for me, as I planned my son’s birthday coming up next month, has been Paperless Post. A proper invitation card is one of the most essential part of any event. It not only sums up all the important information (the what, when, where and who) but also sets the mood of the event. It lets the guests visualize the chosen theme of the event and how formal/informal it would be.

I found Paperless Post worth mentioning to you guys, because it made me save efforts, time and even papers! Even a kid could design an amazing invitation card using this website (though its best you keep the kids away from such important matters haha) – so let me tell you how it works!

How to design an amazing invitation card in 5 easy step

  • Login to http://www.paperlesspost.com and create a free account by clicking on “sign up”
  • Choose the category of the event you are designing the card for. (Birthday, wedding, parties or just greetings) and sub-categories within these.
  • Choose the theme and template you like the best.
  • Customize it – This is the fun part. You can choose any font style, placement of text, size of font, background, animation and picture.
  • Add the text – Don’t miss out on any of the important details.


What is the difference between the card and the flyer option?

Flyers, in my opinion, are of an informal nature as they allow you to add animations to these, and they come without an envelop.

The cards do not have any animation, yet they do have all kind of themes and come with a customized envelop.

Remember that both of these are e-cards and e-flyers, so when I saw an envelop, it means your recipient receives the invitation that looks like a card coming out of an envelop in their mail.


How can we send these invitations to our guests?

In today’s day and age, the internet not only allows everyone to connect better and faster, but also helps us reduce the use of paper, making us do our little part in saving the planet.

So these cards can be e-mailed to your guest. All you need is their e-mail addresses (which can be transferred from your phonebook also) and once they receive it, they can click on the RSVP button and confirm their availability for the event – how cool is that? A 2 way communication, all digital.

If you don’t want to email them, you can opt for the “flyers” option and get a link to your flyer that you can send to your friends through SMS or whatsapp.

Its awesome – but is it paid?

Most of the designs are in fact free! You might need a few paperless coins for a few added effects, customization options. Those coins can be bought using your debit/credit cards, but I assure you, nothing here is expensive! Even the paid options are reasonably priced.

There might be some charges for sending it to your guests, but surely less than how much it would cost for you to print and post these. The first fifty flyers though are again FREE!

That’s it guys, I really can not stress enough on how easy, amazing and cheap this is. Also, did I mention that the location and date links in the cards are all click-able allowing your guests to view the map of the location and to save the date in their calendars!

I hope this answers everything and convinces you to go paperless yet creative the next time you plan an event!

And if you are interested in seeing the card that I designed for my son’s birthday next month, here’s a glimpse:

Yes, its a dinosaur theme! and I kid you not, they had multiple designs within just this theme for me to choose from! This is just a glimpse of it, the real deal is the animated card that opens up when my guests click on the link sent to this. Can’t put the link here before we have actually had the party (for obvious reasons) but watch this space for the link to be present here soon after the party!

Once again, thank you Paperless Post for making the process so much fun rather than tedious.

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