Current favorite Pizzeria in Dubai: Broccoli Pizza & Pasta

When every day these days is almost the same, we make sure to celebrate our weekends. And honestly, what’s a better way to do it than treating yourself to good food?

Since the lockdown in UAE was announced, we had not had any food delivered to us for at least 6 weeks because of the fear. Until we learnt about Broccoli Pizza and Pasta’s contactless delivery option where you pay online and the delivery guy leaves your food at the reception of your building or at the door of your house.

We further confirmed how safe it is by reading up on different reports online, and one report by WHO published on CNN (click here to read) clearly stated that the 3 best way to order food yet avoid the risk are:

  1. Contactless delivery. pay online.
  2. Sanitize the packaging before touching it. Wear gloves when you do.
  3. Transfer all your food to dishes at home, heat it well in the microwave/oven and discard all the packaging.

So after abiding by all those guidelines and washing our hands in between every process (well exaggeration a little, but you know how strong the paranoia is right?) here is what we finally enjoyed:

🍕Broccoli meat lovers pizza 5/5 : Lots of meat and vegetables in it. Truly lived up to its name.

🍕chicken ranch pizza 5/5 : Extremely tasteful and juicy. The flavor of the ranch gave that extra oomph to it.

🍗Spicy chicken wings 4/5 : Could have been a little more juicier but definitely enjoyed having all of them. (trust me we had quite a lot)

🥖Garlic bread 3/5

🥗Salad 5/5 : Who eats a salad when they eat a pizza? Me! and everyone who wants to trick their mind into believing that they still didn’t go all crazy with the calorie count. Jokes apart, really fresh salad, with super yummy dressing.

🍗Chicken tenders 5/5

🍝Lasagne 3/5 : The only suggestion I would give is to add more pasta and less meat. (or maybe it was their attempt at making the customers extra happy with the meat)
OVERALL: 4.5/5.


Here is all that we enjoyed!!

In the End, I would say ordering in food is a luxury we can choose to opt for, or not. But the whole covid-19 quarantine is hard on women at home because of there hardly being a day where they get a break from cooking, cleaning or looking after their families – It is important to prioritize your physical health, but also essential to take care of your mental health and give yourself a break.

Thank you Broccoli Pizza & Pasta for giving me a day to relax and treat myself to all of this food! Definitely going to order in from here again.

Find more food reviews on my Instagram here.

Click here to check out their Delivery options.


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