Who am I?

I am an art-enthusiast, a self-taught artist and an blogger on a quest to spot and spread “Maharat” (مہارت – Urdu for skills). Finding peace of mind in pieces of art.



Okay that’s about it for my formal introduction. Phew!

So HELLO y’all


I am Maha Ali: A business graduate, a former strategic analyst at an
advertising firm, a self-taught artist and a stay-at-home mom but above all, a mind full of chaos but a heart full of art.

I’m a Pakistani expat based in Dubai,UAE .. The place that I call home not just because I currently live here but because its everything that I am. Chilled out, loud, fast-paced, diverse and chaotic. In a good way, I promise.

my non-professional interests include non-stop chattering, morosely contemplating, aimlessly gazing at artworks, articulating every other though on social media (because why not?),  getting bored of monotonous life and ending up juggling more than one things at a time …. only to realize how tired my brain is after that sort of a stunt. But that’s okay I have a tall human being at home that I call hubbybee (hubby/habibi… get it get it?) to take my daily rants to and feel better.

I am pretty much powered by 2 big coffee mugs and a tiny human’s warm hugs. Wow, that rhymed. I might as well call myself a poet in future now. Okay, just kidding.

It amazes me how this little word ‘art’ could be present a diverse range of things. I see it in  not just designs, but also in books, in movies, in food, in trends, in places or just about anything we set our eyes on!
And that is exactly what my blog is about, ADMIRING IT!

♥Love, Maha.

2 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Ambreen says:

    Hi Maha, just saw your link on PLB and followed the link. Glad i did cos you have a very nice place here. Love the visual look/colours of your blog – just arty enough to look natural and not ‘trying too hard to appeal’.
    Will definitely enjoy reading it post by post!


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