Why do you blog?

After having tried my hands on a lot of activities/hobbies since I shifted abroad, I can safely say blogging is the most productive way in which a person like me can spend her free time. It lets me articulate my thoughts in a way that benefits others on the internet.

besides, I love talking, taking pictures and staying glued to the internet. so why not blogging? 😀

Where to you live?

I live in Dubai currently. Even though I belong to Pakistan.

Do you also have a job?

Not at the moment. After having acquired a business administration degree from a leading business school in Pakistan, I worked at an advertising firm as a strategy planner. Jobless at the moment because ain’t a more important job than raising my little one at the moment.

What else do you do?

I am a freelance painter, so I deliver artwork on orders. I have also tried my hands on a paid work-from-home after shifting to UAE but that required too much consistency for a random person that I am. I also acquired an online Diploma in Graphic Designing and Basic Guitar lessons.

Did  you learn art?

No, I believe it comes naturally to most of us. People around me helped me realize the talent I have been gifted with apparently.

How long have you been into blogging?

Started in 2017 only.



What is Maharat all about?

Maharat (name derived by combining Maha and Art – the word that stands of Skill in Urdu) is my social media venture that consists of:

  • A Blog talking about art, lifestyle, food and travel.
  • A Facebook page where I Upload my artwork for commissioned orders.
  • An Instagram page where I share pretty pictures. Pertinent to wanderlust, sweet tooth, gluttony, lifestyle and everything creative.

Are you an artist or a blogger?

Both. I started of blogging about art, only to realize art is not limited to paintings. I spot it in food, in places, in nature and go on to blog about it.



Are you open to Collaborations? 

Of course yes. Open to all brands within UAE and Pakistan that I can talk about.

What kind of brands?

Anything pertinent to art, food, lifestyle (which includes home, beauty, motherhood for me) and travel. BUT I only talk about things worth recommending.

How can brands reach out to me?

Email me at maharat.artblog@gmail.com and we can discuss all that I can do for your brand.

What kind of collaborations am I open to?

The basics.

  • Sample of products for trials and reviews
  • Giveaways to my followers
  • Sponsored content.


That is about it for my mini interview of me, by me. But for you guys. 😀

If there’s anything I have missed, feel free to drop a comment and ask. you can also get in touch with me on the Contact tab.