What is Maharat?

Okay so here’s my story.

A few weeks ago when Maharat didn’t exist as an extension to me, I would share all my artwork, my achievements, my opinions and reviews on either my Facebook or Instagram account. For those who know me, know I am highly opinionated, always on a lookout for opportunities to either learn something or create something, I very much live on the social media and its not hard to get a glimpse into my life without meeting me, given the photos I upload or the opinions I share.

In the past I have spent 4 years at a business school that turned its students into extremely productive, always on the go, eager to learn individuals who would calculate their investments to the extent of calculating the time they waste or invest into something fruitful. And that’s exactly my problem. I don’t want to waste an effort. So I realized I need to channelize my opinions, my work and the extra tid-bits I share on social media to be able to either help others or help myself.

That is when I decided to exist beyond myself and create a meaningful extension to me. The world that I call MAHARAT.

I knew I needed a blog to write, Instagram to put up pictures and a Facebook page to reach out people. My husband and I brainstormed a lot of names that sounded like an extension to me.. and while combining MAHA and ART, we wrote down Mahart.. Only to realize how close it is to the word Maharat. An urdu word. and we LOVE the beauty of urdu.

and so we chose, Maharat. Maharat in Urdu language means a high skill or an expertise. And since that is all that attracts me in various pieces of art, in various artists around me, I thought of it as a suitable name. As far as my own art is concerned, the name surely drives me towards achieving perfection in all that I try to create, in order to do justice to the name. And I hope it does.

On a closing note, thanks for showing your interest and support for Maharat. I hope to be able to provide blog posts, artwork, information and all that it promises in the best of everyone’s interest. I’d like to hear more about what you expect from it, so do leave a comment!

Dont forget to click ‘Follow’ on the blog, the Facebook page and the Instagram handle.

-Maha Ali (Owner/Author: Maharat)

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