Art by Maharat

Listed below is the art that I have created as a freelance artist. Much of this has already been sold but I am always open for orders.

  • Delivering currently on UAE and Pakistan.
  • Prices are negotiable.
  • Can be customised according to the customer’s preference of size, medium, color scheme and budget.
  • Also taking orders for something you have in mind. Always open to creating new stuff, given that it falls under the kind of art skills I have.
  • To place your order, reach out to me at or my Facebook Page. You can also DM me on my Instagram.

  1. Around The World
    Made on a high quality corkboard canvas.
    Mandalas background and Acrylic dotting.
    Size 15×30 Inches.
    Comes with board-pins to put up pictures or notes.
  2. Polo Horses

    Abstract painting created using acrylic paints.
    Size 30×45 Inches
    Cloth canvas.


  3. Dungeons and Dragons

    Acrylic paint on a high grain paper.
    Comes with a frame.


  4. Kun Fayakun

    Islamic Calliagraphy and English Lettering.
    Watercolor background.
    Mandala design.



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